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Vera Hynes was born and raised in Brazil and the Brazilian Culture has been a central inspiration to her work. Through the combination of colour and texture, she is able to express her memories, experiences and feelings and share them in a contemporary and asbstract form.

'Art is about life, so I make my work about myself and what I know. My need to paint is compulsive and forever changing. Styles reflect different aspects of my life and personality which I find exciting.'


Using photographs or memories of natural environments and Brazilian Landscapes, Vera's works emanate a quiet nostalgia. Her paintings convey a sense of a borrowed memory, of peering into an intimate realm of past experiences - of place and self. The titles of her work often shows cultural references to her local community or to her country.

Her work is bold, powerful and expressive, with an amazing sense of movement and colour, focusing abstract art and themes in a personal way.




Her current ceramic work is inspired by the colours and the landscape of her Motherland. Her work includes plates, bowls and sculptural work.


She uses Glass as a decorative medium. The fusing, slumping and annealing of glass produces special effect glazes. Most work is treated in a painterly fashion in a very free way. Indeed ceramics have always been produced alongside her paintings.

'There is great potential to work in the boundary zone between the two disciplines of ceramic and glass. For me the attraction of firing glass on ceramic lies in the brightness, clarity and depth of the colours it can produce.'

Vera is constantly experimenting with different media and pushing her art work in new directions.




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